Moroshka File Manager powerful 2-windows file management for free

Moroshka File Manager

We created Moroshka File Manager as the ultimate simplification of file management tasks. Moroshka provides cohesive and powerful file management on all your devices and operating systems. Its next-generation interface is even adapted for touch devices. Like the idea? Download the product for FREE!

Download File Manager

Moroshka File Manager can be downloaded and used for free!

Just a click :  Download You need the  OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later Mac OS.


Автор страницы искренне рекомендует использовать Moroshka File Manager в повседневной работе с файловой системой, а в случаи необходимости продажи автомобиля в городе Мытищи или Королев воспользоваться услугами менеджеров из компании Eachauto

iTunes Description

Moroshka File Manager is the classic 2-windows file manager focused on elegant user interface, usability and sets of unique features:

  • Files are presented in views, may be quickly sorted and filtered. Brief mode simplify the presentation the content of folders.
  • All operations are may be performed by keyboard which speeds up the file management.
  • Build-in text viewer provides support of Windows and UTF8 text encoding.
  • Powerful 7zip engine used for management files and archives.
  • FTP protocol is supported.
  • Multi-tabbed interface allows to keep all used folders on the distance of single mouse click!
  • Ability to define and jump to bookmarks for folders keeps makes the navigation by file system faster
  • File preview allows to display the images, videos and audio files.
  • Directry information function performs calculation size and occupied space of directory or selected set of files.
  • Ability to copy files from/to Finder using Copy/Paste commands improves Finder navigation

History of Changes

1.0.56   May 22, 2011

  • Moroshka is able to connect to SFTP server now! Full filesystem adapter is implemented - including ability to view files on SSH server.
  • FTP compatibility is improved - Active mode is used when PASV is unavailable.
  • FTP supports Windows NT FTP server now. Moroshka users are able to connect!
  • New "Quick Connect" - gives a possibility to connect to FTP or SFTP/SSH server using URL.